Building Service Workers Certificate – New Career

Spring is a great time for new beginnings, and although most people stick with their trade of choice often for a lifetime, there are some who might gain a greater sense of accomplishment from changing careers. Which is why we wanted to suggest our Building Service Workers program in order to help you jumpstart a new career many enjoy!

So …What Do Building Service Workers Do?

Building Service Workers have the option of a variety of job opportunities across Canada. Whether you live in the Lower Mainland and would love to work as a Building Service Worker in one of many prestigious condo developments, or wish to move to a more remote location and work within a larger building – a Building Service Worker is a diverse career

No matter which “structure” you work within, you job will include the cleanliness, maintenance, upkeep and safety of your facilities.

This includes such maintenance checks as:

  • Locking doors
  • Securing windows
  • Setting the security system

Also, Building Service Workers are often assigned custodial duties that involve the overall upkeep of the facility such as: vacuuming, mopping, waxing and ensuring supplies are well stocked, along with other assigned tasks.

Building Service Workers Program Explained

At TFMCI, we offer a hands-on approach to learning. With our Building Service Workers program, we provide you with both the book knowledge, as well as the real-time skills needed for those interested in entering this line of work.

Within the program we will provide demonstrations, offer presentations, lectures and various exercises to ensure a well-laid out display of information is given to our students. This is completed in a casual atmosphere with open discussions to ensure each person taking our program is well versed in the material.

The Course Outline Includes…

  • Essential Skills
  • Respectful Workplace
  • Workplace Communication
  • Work Life
  • Trade Tools
  • Cleaning Procedures
  • Building Maintenance 1
  • Food Safe Level 1

The Building Service Workers program can be completed in only 4 weeks, so it is an excellent program to consider if you are wanting to change careers in the short-term.

Curious? Give us a call at 778-873-1050 or email us at …we look forward to hearing from you, and assisting you in advancing or changing careers!