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Bridge Staffing Gaps with TFM’s Temporary Refrigeration Plant Operators

Since 1997, TFM Consultants International has prided ourselves on being a leader in power engineering and refrigeration plant operator training. However, beyond training power engineers, boiler operators, and refrigeration plant operators, we also provide numerous facilities across BC with the temporary staffing support they need to maintain their operations. 

Below, we will tell you more about how our temporary operators can help you bridge gaps in staffing shortages. Continue reading to learn more. 

Why Staffing Shortages Happen

Staffing shortages across numerous industries and facilities often occur due to a combination of factors. For instance, at TFM, one of the most common reasons we see a demand for temporary staffing is holiday times and illness. Power engineers, building operators, and refrigeration operators are already in high demand due to the increasing industry-wide shortage of these roles; these staffing shortage issues are only exacerbated when the holidays or illness strike. As a result, many building and facility owners/managers frequently face challenges in finding the skilled personnel they need to meet their operational needs.

At TFM Consultants International, we recognize these challenges. With our temporary power engineers, building operators, and refrigeration plant operators, we can help bridge staffing gaps and ensure continued operational efficiency. 

Meet TFM’s Temporary Operators

At TFM Consultants International, our highly experienced team of temporary operators is ready to mobilize to your building or facility as soon as possible. Available 24/7 all year round, our team can provide temporary coverage for a few days or months. That way, you can rest assured that your facility operates at peak efficiency, even during the summer or winter holidays. 

Additionally, our temporary refrigeration operators, power engineers, and building operators offer more than just the bare minimum; they strive to leave your facility better than they found it. From daily activities such as wiping down equipment, filling out log books, and keeping a watchful eye out for leaks to checking chemical levels and performing routine maintenance and repairs, our temporary operators will inspect, audit and even recommend improvements to your facility.

At TFM Consultants International, we can do more than provide you with temporary coverage; our facilities management consulting services can help you address issues with your facility and enhance your overall operations. Learn more about our consulting services here

What Our Temporary Operators Can and Cannot Do

When it comes to TFM’s temporary operators, there are several misconceptions regarding their roles and responsibilities. Contrary to the expectations that our temporary operators will have a comprehensive understanding of your building’s operations, the reality is that their knowledge will only be as good as your standard operating procedures (SOPs), training documentation, and general information regarding your facility’s operations. 

Additionally, while there’s often an expectation that our temporary operators will solve all of your facility’s problems, the reality is that site-specific issues often require additional support beyond their responsibilities. Therefore, it falls on the client to provide our temporary operators with the necessary information as they would with their full-time employees. This is why training, documentation, and SOPs are so crucial.

Fortunately, this is where TFM Consultants International’s facilities management consulting services can help, as our expert consultants can work with you to create these necessary SOPs, training manuals and more. That way, your full-time employees and our temporary operators can ensure your facility is running at peak efficiency. 

Ready to Learn More?

Whether you face staffing shortages due to holidays, illness, or retirement or require support in creating SOPs and training manuals, TFM Consultants International is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our facilities management consulting services or to hire one of our temporary power engineers, building operators, or refrigeration plant operators. Together, our team can help you ensure the operational success of your facility.