The Benefits of Engineering Consultations

At TFM Consultants International we don’t only provide Power Engineering Courses in Canada and Engineering Training in BC, we also offer consultation services that will provide many benefits to your company.

We deliver technical facility services that offer added plant management tools, addressing a variety of needs for a wide range of industries within Canada. Although our consultation services immediately benefit industry leaders, it also allows us to better improve upon our overall training, reports and recommendations, all in a confidential manner as we take feedback from clients on what they require their employees and trades professionals to know via our Engineering Courses in BC.

The Benefits of Standard Operating Procedures and Working Instructions

Both Standard Operating Procedures and Standard Work Instructions allow organizations to communicate effectively and ensure consistent operations to ensure both safety and maximize on efficiency, which is covered within our consultation services.

By employing our consultation services, TFM will be able to pinpoint areas where additional direction and implementations will be helpful to your industry, reducing future training costs for your staff, and keep business flowing in a consistent manner.

These kinds of consultations are beneficial both within industry standard practices, as well as aid in keeping companies on task, ensuring they are benefiting financially and within safety regulations in the utmost fashion.

Simple and Effective Walk-Through Reviews

Some business types might opt out of improvement services that come through consultations such as ours, thinking they will become a complicated matter. However, TFM has developed a walk-through data collection system that is highly thorough without interrupting workflow, resulting in more streamlined processes industry-wide.

Quick staff reviews will be conducted and equipment will be inspected in order for your SOP’s and SWI’s to be customized for your industry type, resulting in a step-by-step manual offering picture prompted instructions, videos, and easy to use learning schedules for your current staff, new trainees and management alike.

To find more about our customized courses and consultation services, we invite you to give us a call and discuss your needs with one of our expert instructors, and look forward to helping your company thrive in the best manner possible!

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