The Benefits of Boiler Work Experience

TFM Consultants International  now offers ‘firing time training’ for students that need work experience in the field of Boiler Power Engineering.

Power Engineering tends to be a highly sought out career choice, which often means long wait lists for courses within any college offering Power Engineering classes. But at TFM, we offer multiple accredited programs throughout the year, which are designed to teach Power Engineering through instructional sessions, open lectures, hands-on experience and review of all textbook learning material to prepare students to write the Technical Safety BC Provincial exam.

Because our programs are recognized Canada-wide, and are known to exceed industry requirements, we are proud to be a sought out training facility not only within the Lower Mainland, but throughout BC and AB. Which is why our Boiler Work Experience program is also expected to fill up quickly, and we encourage anyone interest to apply!

Understanding Our Boiler Training and Work Experience Opportunity

Right now we are offering open classes on an ongoing basis, providing daily firing time training. These classes with allow students to gain valuable experience operating a high pressure steam boiler. Once this training is complete, individuals can then apply for the 4th or 5th Class Power Engineer Interprovincial Certificate, turning your training into a real-time career.

Flexible Power Engineering Classes to Suit Your Lifestyle

Our Power Engineerin training, as with all of our courses, are designed to fit a working professional’s schedule and is open to anybody looking to start an exciting career in this field.

Individuals can start our work opportunity program at any time; we will work around your schedule to help you fully complete the experience portion of the program, afterwards assisting you in successfully moving into the field.

With training running daily, we are currently offering sessions at 7am and 5pm, giving you timeslots before or after work to successfully take part in this program without missing work.

Our Training Objectives Include…

  • Pre-Start Inspections
  • Boiler Start-up
  • Operating Inspections
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Blow down Procedures
  • Gauge Glass Testing
  • Low Water Cutoff Testing
  • Operating Controls & Adjustments
  • Testing the Safety Valves
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Boiler Maintenance
  • Daily Record Keeping
  • Logbook Entries   …and more!

For more course information, outlines & registration, please visit our website at