How Becoming a Power Engineer Gives You the Chance to Alter Climate Change

Climate change is a big topic – and rightly so. The planet on which we live and call home should be a safe and healthy space,  and you can play a part in helping it regain that reality!

What is Climate Change?

As such a popular topic, you likely already know what ‘climate change’ refers to, but to break it down; it is a significant and lasting change to weather patterns, which range from decades to centuries to millennia, which are being seen in present day with record breaking storms across the globe in various capacities. From extreme weather events such as snow storms in Canada, floods in South America, hurricanes, tornadoes and flash storms across the US – and more.

How Can Engineers Alter Climate Change?

There is a big need for changes to be made in how we create energy – among other things. But as it pertains to engineers, under the professional code of ethics, they play a big role in infrastructure design and the operations within those designs, lessening or eliminating climate impact due to emissions and fossil fuel consumption.

Engineers were not always taught issues surrounding climate change, as it wasn’t really a known science or a pressing cause for concern.

However, now that it is definitely recognized, engineers will begin to come under scrutiny for how they implement change within design, operations and the maintenance of infrastructures moving forward.

Today, engineers are working alongside the Canadian government, and other industry leaders, implementing change in order to better understand…

  • Climate change issues and how they relate to engineers
  • Engineering practices and how they can be altered
  • Knowledge sharing and adjustments as they become known and practiced

Engineers Canada is a great resource to become…

  • Educated about the topic related to the engineering community, planners and management
  • Aware of solutions that improve climate resilience of infrastructure
  • Aware of the professional and legal liabilities, as well as ethical obligations
  • Helpful in developing practices guidelines

At TFM – we are here to help you do the same, and become part of the solution with climate change, not only in Canada – but across the globe. We look forward to doing so in the new decade ahead, turning problems into solutions! Become certified as a Power Engineer at TFM Consultants International today.