5th Class Boiler Operators Needed in Metro Vancouver: Sign Up – Classes Start September ‘22!

5th Class Boiler Operators are needed in Metro Vancouver – and you still have an opportunity to sign up for our class starting this September!

Hiring the Right Person for the Job

Hiring the right person for the job goes beyond training. It is also important to understand the nature of the job and feel a certain passion for what you do too.

As discussed on our blog post ‘Understanding the 5 Levels of a Power Engineer in Canada’…

Boiler Operators – are in charge of operating and maintaining boilers in commercial heating and manufacturing plants.

Refrigeration Plant Operators – oversee refrigeration plants such as ice
rinks (What could be more Canadian than that!), cold storage facilities, and office towers.

5th Class Boiler Operators Needed in Metro Vancouver

Curious what positions are currently available for 5 th Class Boiler Operators? Click here to find
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which includes such things as:

A Wide Variety of Options

More Affordable + Quicker

Job Security

Rewarding Career + Great Wage

If this sound like the right career choice for you, then our 5th Class Boiler Operator course will also be the right fit!

5th Class Boiler Operator Course Outline

Throughout our 3-week program, students will take part in learning about a wide-range of content. From boiler history to Canadian Standards and Codes, basic science and math, as well as topics such as:
 Electricity
 Boiler Construction & Design
 Boiler Fittings & Controls
 Water Treatment
 Fuel & Combustion

 Boiler Operation
 Pumps & Pump Maintenance
 Heating & Cooling Systems
 Compressors
 Building & Plant Safety
 Fire Protection
 Logbooks

Click on this link for a more in depth outline of the program -> 5th Class Power Engineering Curriculum. Or, if you need additional information about any of our programs or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email info@tfmci.com or phone 778-873-1050.

We look forward to helping you gain a career in something you’re passionate about this fall!