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Why Many Are Choosing a Career in Trades in Canada

Many are choosing a career in trades in Canada – and for good reason. As a variety of essential services, the trades industry offers employment that is often uninterrupted and in demand. In addition, trade work offers a great living ... Read more


Our 5th Class Refrigeration Plant Operator Certification course is COMING SOON and we’re excited to help you accelerate your career through this course! 5TH CLASS REFRIGERATION PLANT OPERATOR CERTIFICATION At TFM in Langley, we have helped many individuals from across the ... Read more

Welcome to TFMCI: Easy Online Registration for Power Engineering School

Welcome to TFMCI – a Langley-based learning facility offering Power Engineering School, among other trades advancement programs. Established in 1997, Total Facility Management Consultants International provides holistic technical facility management services, which are primarily focused on facility operator and engineering ... Read more